Speed up your audience area modeling

The On-Axis Application is designed for audio professionals in the concert and touring industry. The app allows drawing and measuring the audience area with a new and faster method that is also universal and compatible with multiple commonly used loudspeaker simulation programs. It is a new addition to your existing toolbox, made for on-site visits and early load-ins.

You will need:
  • Apple iPhone or iPad (minimum iOS 16.0).
  • Laser distance meter or range finder (preferably with inclinometer).
  • It is possible to pair the app with a compatible Bluetooth laser, but it is not mandatory in any way. Check the compatibility chart for supported devices (16 models from Leica, Bosch and Stabila). 
Operating Modes
  • Venue: 3D Measurement models for the most common venue types (Arena, Basic, Circle).
  • Planes: Define the plane dimensions manually, taking advantage of features such as being able to automatically continue the plane from the previous one.
  • On-Axis Profiles: Special prediction planes which are created along the axis of the speakers.
Works with:
See the compatibility chart for more information on tested versions, supported features by format and software versions.

  • Adamson Blueprint
  • CODA System Optimiser
  • d&b Arraycalc
  • DXF format
  • Ease Focus 3 (Layout Picture)
  • EAW Resolution
  • JBL Line Array Calculator
  • JBL Venue Synthesis
  • L-Acoustics Soundvision
  • Meyer Sound MAPP 3D
  • NEXO NS-1

This is a 3rd party solution and compatibility is guaranteed only with tested versions.


If you are interested in seeing what the result looks like, download the example file package that contains the files exported from the On-Axis in all formats. Import them into your simulation software and check the result yourself.